Tips to get flat belly at home 
You must note that, in order to remove fat which has been accumulated around your mid-section,you will have to go a lot of work out. People who are looking for measures to reduce their fat on belly would have to obey an exercise routine rather than working for hours in a day.Through this article,we will highlight some of he easy and proven tis to reduce belly fat and you don’t have to worry for the consequences also .

 10 best tips to lose belly flab

1. Drink green tea regularly(4-5) cups in a day

Green Tea contains contains compounds called EGCG (or epigallocatechin gallate),proved clinically also. It is considered that these compounds are natural “thermogenics,” or we can say this compound increases temperature of body and therefore, metabolic activities are also increased . It is noticed that Green tea ,favors stomach fats.Therefore,in order to reduce fat on belly without going to any Gym ,you must adopt habit of drinking Green Tea.

 2. Follow a proper diet routine

In order to exercise properly and get its effective results,you must follow a proper dietary routine. Therefore,you must not eat junk food and avoid unhealthy food items. You must include lots of vegetables and fruits along with lots of carbohydrates and proteins in your diet.

 3   Eat boiled eggs

If you eat whole eggs and fatty meats,you won’t become fatty.However,they behave in opposite manner.Taking an example of whole eggs, preferably Omega 3 eggs,this is considered as one of the most nutritious foods in the planet.Proteins, amino acids and lots of vitamin E are present in them in plenty of numbers.There are large number of nutrients and minerals also but this would take a long page to explain You might have heard a myth that egg yolks increases cholesterol level.This is true… Because egg Yolk increases your good cholesterol! You may be unaware of the fact that the body needs cholesterol and in case you don’t eat it ,then the body has tendency of creating it.

 4. Follow a protein rich diet

We now advise one of the greatest tip of reducing fat from belly.You must adhere to an effective diet which should be designed in helping folks to  lose weight.Mostly,it is seen that ,weight is gained due to the eating habits.If you follow a healthy diet plan then,your goal of reduce the fat will be focused and this practice will give you a clear vision on your focus.You must take care of following a good diet program which can provide enough calories in order to help your body function normally and this will help you maintain and build muscle mass.You must take care of your diligence of grocery stores and let not waste them.You should plan your meal around proteins.Because ,mostly protein rich diet are  lean in fat and low in carbs and more often fills more carbohydrates.If you take care of your meal plan ,then you will eat healthy food  and this will make you eat less also.

5  Choose any diet plan to reduce fat and then continue with healthy eating

People who want to loose their fat on belly quickly, are allowed to choose any weight loss or diet plan from the large number of plans available .You must choose your plan carefully,because all plans may not give results as per your expectations.

6 Internal training for effective weight loss on stomach

You can also opt for internal training .This is an another option to reduce belly fat in a very effective manner because it combines both aerobic and anaerobic exercises.Simplifying in brief ,interval training involves performing short bursts of high-intensity exercise which is then followed by “recovery” periods of low-intensity exercise. For example,if you are jogging for a minute, and doing sprint for 30 seconds, then jogging for a minute and sprint for 30 seconds, jog, sprint, jog, etc. If you perform this kind interval training only for 7 minutes ,then this  will burn your fat more increasingly then any other method.

8  Drink water and avoid alcohol

However,in order to reduce fat from belly,it is very important to drink .Because drinking is as important as your eating.You may take Alcohol in moderate quantity but if you are drinking beer and liquors very frequently,then you may not dream of good abs in near future.You must consume alcohol only once in a week and this should not be consumed as a drunken man.You can take couple of drinks but this should be in limit.If you are loosing to reduce your fat on belly,another best way of doing this is ,you should drink water and unsweetened tea.

8 Dont eat junk food regularly

In modern Industry ,Junk food is becoming a bane.Now,people are so addicted to eat them ,that they cant make themselves avoid eating it.You must take care while eating junk food .Because this is the main cause for of weight problems.Junk food increases your appetite levels and make you eat more.This way,you eat  unhealthy fattening foods which adds on more weight and fat around the stomach.

9. Drink cold water to burn fat

It has been shown in studies that ,if you drink cold water ,then your fat will burn more faster almost twice times as compared to drinking water at room temperature . If you drink lots of water and keep your body  hydrated ,then your metabolism will improve .Along with this,your capability of  flushing out poisons and wastes from your system will improve greatly and this will produce good results.

 10. Drink water before every meal

There is one unique technique specially for people who cant control their portions.They must drink plenty of water before taking every meal.This will reduce their tendency of eating meal because their stomach will be full of water.This will reduce the amount of food taking capacity.