It is generally considered that the Zone Diets are the simplest of all simplest of all diets, which one can follow easily by matching their carbohydrate intake with their protein intake, in order to keep both in balance. One must take care of keeping their ratio 1:1, for example one block of protein should be matched with one block of carbohydrate and one protein block is 7 grams, while a carbohydrate block is 9 grams. One protein block is almost one ounce of raw chicken breast or about 1.5 ounces of sliced deli meat and one carbohydrate block is usually 1 cup of greens, vegetables, or fruit. You must remember to combine these two blocks  in every meal you take.

People who opt for Zone diet  must always aim at 40:30:30 ratio,which implies that your meals should contain 40% carbohydrates, 30% fat, and 30% protein. You must take carbohydrates from low-starch fruits and vegetables; proteins  must be of low-fat; and you can add a dash of heart friendly monounsaturated fat also. This ratio is considered to be the best way of keeping your metabolism tuned in order to burn out  fat. This diet can work wonders only by taking Right Proportion and the Right Portion. This is the only key of this diet. It has been noticed that  Certain vegetables, such as green beans, are a good source of both protein and carbohydrates.

So,it is very important to select right food.You must select  vegetable foods which are rich in protein and carbohydrates  in order to ensure that their ratio is also maintained as per diet plan. One can also choose meat based substitutes which are based on Soybean such as Soybean hot dogs, hamburgers, sausages, among many other items. By doing this, you can convert your carbohydrate-rich vegetarian diet into a Zone diet which would be fit for vegetarians also!

There is one more benefit of  Zone diet. By opting for this type of diet ,you never feel hungry. Worst part of many diet plans is that they force you to stay hungry for hours and wait for your next scheduled meal as per your diet plan. And when you eat ,you get a feeling of cheating yourselves. However, Zone diet is a very good diet plan and doesn’t make you feel hungry and will allow you to eat many things  within your meal plan. However, in case your tummy still  rumbles, then you can still eat snacks ,which have been approved by  Zone diet.

This plan is very simple and easy to follow. You don’t have to feel guilty and suffer from hunger. You may find Zone diet as just another option which are available in market. This plan is convenient and easy to follow because of the ratio 40/30/30.This ratio is for all the meals you eat in a day .There is no bounded eating schedule or chats which you have to follow and keep track of .This makes it a simple and convenient diet to adopt. However, you must visit nutritionist or dietician also, if it is affordable to you. Because, they will help in choosing right diet plan and will provide right guidance to you.

You must remember that Zone Diet offers diversity of food ,therefore,it is advised to try new sources of proteins.You can also try salmon or tofu , Instead of eating chicken breast every day.You can also try  different types of fruit, like raspberries or kiwi fruit. This make  you creative while choosing your recipes. Although,you can take any recipe in maintaining zone diet ratios.You can also look for  Several cookbooks with zone friendly diets ,which are usually different than the usual turkey breasts and steamed asparagus meals  which can result in making you a rut. By taking some advanced planning, you can also create new and exciting zone diet menu plan for yourselves which can also keep track on your aim of losing weight and staying healthy .

It has been almost more than a decade after Zone Diet book was first introduced by him in public, this book contributed to conquer the hearts of many people.It is considered that biggest achievement of this program ,which was also made available for public was This book involved personal achievement of Manuel Uribe, the  world’s heaviest man. Manuel  went through the long journey in order to drop his body mass. He was approached by several surgeons for  Gastric Bypass surgery also, but this man refused any medical treatment bravely and opted for zone diet.