Lose weight at home

As per the assumption from most of us is that weight can’t be loosen without joining the gym or health club. Although gym has an added advantage that you meet people having the same situation as yourself, and this keep you motivated. Detoxification of the body is the first key of the weight losing process. A Mixture of lemon juice, honey and ginger with water and drink it 3-4 times a days for 3 days. No solid food should be eaten for 72 hours. As per many studies, it has been shown that greater weight loss can be achieved by removing all the “clinging, extra” food particles and toxins in your body.

Home exercise can be done in daily routine without any equipment. e.g. Incredible cardiovascular workout can be done by running up and down the stairs. Another type of exercise is plyometric exercises by using body weight. like squats, lunges or push-ups, which can build the muscle mass and you can lose weight as well. Because Higher metabolic rate i.e. fat is there in muscles, which eats ups calories faster and help to lose the weight. Aerobics is another great home exercise, which can be done in living or bedroom by using inspiring DVD or TV workout show.
Yoga is another kind of aerobic sports, which increase flexibility,strengthening joints and losing weight. Keep in mind that you must drink 8 to 10 glasses of water daily. Because lots of water will keep the stomach full and you will eat less. It will also make your body retain less water,believe it or not, and since our bodies are mainly water you will weigh less.

The use of Salt and sugar should be less, doesn’t matter you like it or not, but it produces similar results like Bloating, puffiness and water retention. There are substitute of salt and sugar. like lemon juice can work as substitute of salt and natural sweetener stevia can be of sugar. As per the recent study, the routine work like washing clothes, fixing roof-top, gardening and pet-walking can burn more calories than any fitness regime. So just step out for a walk or clean your floor whenever you get time. Doing domestic chores can help you lose weight.

There are 3500 calories in a pound of fat, and to lose that each week, you have to lose 500 calories each day. and half an hour of jogging can do this. If you want to lose the weight quickly then target 2-4 pounds each week . More than that is not realistic at home, unless you have some exercising equipment.