Any dieting programs which aims at promoting loss of weight in fast manner is called Fad Diet .They are mostly famous because of 3 reasons :they promise to reduce weight in short time (some claiming overnight), people who are overweight are more desperate (who want their problem to get fixed quickly), and their implementation process is easy.One must take moderate calories and less fat for having effective diet for loosing and maintaining weight permanently with the time. It is said that amount of Calories,a person needs is different for different person and depending on person age, gender, BMI, stamina, physical condition and mostly on the activity level of a person,one can decide the calories needs of a person for a day.

Taking healthy and balanced diet is the key. It is required many times to start weight  loss campaign along with strict diet and improve eating habits. Having strict diet is considered to be the solution for the people going astray. Low Fat diet is one of the other type of diet where one reduces taking fat in diet. However,taking low Fat diet does not mean eating fat-free food but one must reduce taking fats (saturated fat) and oils to a normal level as per food pyramid. Therefore,one must take care of amount of fat taken by body and it should be around 30 percent of the calories they eat. One must know the fact that ,after Lowering  saturated fats,they can promote loosing weight in healthier way , reducing cholesterol levels which promotes good health for heart.

One must follow some of the most common diets for loosing weight .This includes foods which helps in reducing weight fastly. Therefore,one should take Some good foods Vegetables, fruits, lean proteins and calcium and not limit themselves to these .It is considered that Water is very important for reducing weight naturally and green tea helps in increasing metabolism rate. One must drink plenty of water for long lasting results. Although,natural  weight loss diets help in reducing weigh in fast manner but , positive thinking  is also very important for this process. One must target on his goal and set mind to change approach on food.

Things become complicated and confusing ,when one starts to count calories in diet for reducing weight .You can select foods you want in diet and then eat them according to the amount of physical activities done you. One can also use Subscription services like BistroMD, Nutrisystem, South Beach etc, which provides meal plans along specific calorie content .

Our Brain loves tasty processed foods and want to eat ,more of them but Human Body hates it and will never allow body to digest processed food ,therby,storing excess fat and making body obese. Our natural digestive system do not take notice of over eating,it simply stores fat in sad manner without knowing the detrimental effects on working of body.

Dividing carbohydrates based on speed of process of body for changing carbohydrate into energy is also considered to be a good principle .For delaying hunger,one should eat foods which can release energy gradually .This will provide enough energy to the body for whole of the day.