How can cinnamon and honey help you in losing weight. ?
In the recent years, cinnamon attracted science due to its health benefits, although its being used for cooking and medical purpose only. Heart diseases can be prevented by it, because of antioxidant properties in it. It also cures from other body diseases, like LDL cholesterol, arthritis, blood glucose (sugar) and insulin etc. It
looks similar the methods of honey and cinnamon but they are not. Raw honey can be consumed before hitting to bed, as it speeds up metabolism and burn fat, i.e. why As per Honey Hibernation Diet (HHD), while sleeping,fat loss becomes more effective. To enhance the flavour and to sweeten food, cinnamon is being used, which is apart of aromatic plant ingredient. Inspire of being popular and very usable condiment,it is also effective in losing weight. Beas generates the honey from flower nectars, which is golden-brown in color. It is sweet and sticky in taste.

Other insects are there, who produces honey, but honey kepy beekeeper and produced by honey bees are used by human to use. It is used for weight loss, and is being used in food as well due to its sweetness. Parasites, fungus, bacteria can be removed from digestive system by using honey and cinnamon. Blood sugar level can be controlled by honey, similar to cinnamon. It makes you feel fuller and more satisfied. One can lose weight by honey water. It has anti bacterial and antioxidant properties, due to that it is a good cleansing tonic. Digestive system can be strengthened by honey. so health will naturally be improved. Immunity system can be boosted up with the use of honey and it also have anti cancer properties. So lots of benefits can
be taken with the use of honey.

Lots of theories are there for fructose-rich honey and weight loss. So take one or two spoon of honey with water or else take it directly, to lose water in the night while sleeping, as it provides the fuel to lever, which speed up fat burning metabolism and also lower down the stress hormones. Effect of insulin resistance can be reduced by using mix of honey and cinnamon. As per the study, After taking the tea, the patients reported decrease in appetite and carbohydrate cravings. High insulation is there in women. So to lose weight and keeping the track of the above condition, mixture of cinnamon and honey is best. Article can be found here

Scientifically, No clearance is there that how “honey and cinnamon” can be used for weight loss. But it has helped for sure to some people. Without proper study, no conclusion can be made. It is not at all harmful, so one can try it. But lots of ways are available to lose weight faster.