You might have heard of Calorie Shifting or sometimes called Calorie Cycling diets and in fact this is not a new technique.You might have seen many  bodybuilders and other body-conscious people practicing the basics of this diet for decades.Because in these groups,people have to apply acute calorie shifting, consume high-calorie diet for 2 weeks which is then followed by a low-calorie diet for 2 weeks.This patterns is repeated over and over again. This diet plan offers significant advantages mainly for bodybuilders who are looking for enhancing their growth of muscles without increasing their fat level ,which is generally seen in many other types of long-term nutritional programs .

 Alternate day diet for weight lose

You might have heard of most popular Alternate Day Diet (ADD) and this is considered to be less restrictive diet as compared to other diets.You will be surprised to know that even Hollywood stars are also following this plan to reduce weight.The only concept behind following this diet is ,when you eat high carbohydrates on one day, and don’t eat anything the other day ,then there will a drop in Carb level and this drop in the body releases the SIRT1, or the “skinny gene” responsible for promoting weight loss.There is simple rule of ADD and no such phases are present in this plan .You just have to eat as much as you can as per your desire on one day or Up Day and eat almost less than 500 calories the other day or Down Day.You can follow this alternative day for longer period also.You must take care of eating in Up Day and don’t eat like feast or as if you are on a death sentence. You must make sure of eating healthy stuffs only on Up Days and be very strict in implementing this pattern.

Traditional diets dont help in long run

Generally on traditional diets,it  is seen that your metabolic activities starts decreasing and the body starts starving.And if the body enters starvation mode,you will feel fast reduction in your weight.However,people who have done dieting and reduced their weight earlier also,would be aware of the fact that ,after a certain period of their dieting ,they see noticeable drop in their  weight loss. This is because of the fact initially your metabolism behaves normally,but after certain period of time,it lend to recognize that calorie drought is
permanent and its functionality starts dropping down.

Although you will see reduction in weight very fastly but there is altogether different approach of this technique.This program help in losing weight fastly by advising you to diet every alternative day instead of other programs which involves continuous physical and psychological torture and thereby daily starvation.Changed Routine of a person is considered to be the biggest challenge on low calorie days .Hunger do not affect a person on these days.It is generally seen that many people follow their scheduled timings of eating and the amount to be eaten.Therefore,some people may find it weird because they have to follow this plan apart from their scheduled meals.

Many people find planning their own calorie shifting diet because they don’t have enough capability to decide on high and low calories meal.However,it is seen that many people have observed significant results only after taking high and low calorie meals alternatively on days.And when you are done with this kind of planning,you would be able to get control on your metabolic activities and this will help in improving your metabolism.This will however,allow you to shed those extra pounds from your body.Therefore,it is advised that you can practice reducing your weight continuously with your present diets only.

Induction phase,or the two week period is the time when meal is replaced by shakes on Down days .These shakes are even as per your choose which would be under recommendations of this diet.If you drink these shakes rather than eating solid foods ,then it would be easier and convenient to count dieters calories.After taking this shakes diet,the next day only ,you can follow your normal eating patterns,which further motivates you.

You might have seen many weight loss diets which allows a Peron to eat normal portion sizes ,calorie shifting diet also offers the same thing and apart from this ,this diet allows person to eat four meals in a day.Through this diet person will not feel starved or deprived. In Calorie shifting diet,you will learn to eat right type of calories in right amounts. You might have heard of one of the most popular online diet of calorie shifting .This is an Idiot Proof diet which includes an online menu generator providing ready made menus with respect to each cycle of the diet. You will see that calorie shifting diet is not considered as an ongoing process as Atkins is.

People who are interested in boosting up their metabolism process and want to get effective results,must follow calorie shifting diet.And if you will follow the same diet chart strictly for months,then your body system will get adapted to the daily calorie count and your system will not shows any significant weight loss.

There is an additional benefit of following the calorie shifting diet ,person will not feel deprived.This will give a feeling of dieting for almost half of total time in usual manner.This is because of the fact that this diet allows you to forget chocolate as per their low calorie plan.But this does not mean that ,you can not eat but.However,you can eat a bit of it on your high calorie day.This schedule will not disturb your feelings and will satisfy you apart from feeling which would be full of cravings. This plan basically encourages “Cheating” .You are all well aware of the fact that it i very difficult to suppress your feelings for a longer period of time.And over the time,you will see that this diet will bing you on your findings.You would be able to prevent your pitfalls on following this diet.

If you want to know the working of calorie shifting diet,then you must eat you must four meals in a day and follow this diet in two-week cycles. After this,take a representative sample of foods from each food group and then group all of these together in different arrangements. Taking an example,You can take fruit and meat in one meal,or dairy food and vegetables in another meal or bread and dairy products at yet another meal.

You are advised to take a gap of almost two and a half to three hours between each of your meals. You must not spread out your meals to a large extent.This will make you fell starved and under lot of stress you will start feeling hungry,resulting in deviation from your diet.

You must start your day with grains group, which consists of whole grains, rice, and pasta foods. Because they are considered to be rich source of fiber, energy which makes them suitable for eating regularly .After this,you should eat vegetables and fruits as recommended in your daily schedule.Because ,if you eat vegetables and fruits, your body will get sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals.This will prevent your body from sickness.These foods gives feeling of fullness of stomach on eating because of their natural fiber content. You must not forget choosing lots of leafy,green vegetables. They are the rich source of proteins .If you don’t want to eat red meats ,then you can choose chicken (white meat) or fish. However,in case of selecting dairy options,you must choose low-fat, high-calcium milk,in moderation.