1. Take pineapple to build up resistance against colds.

2. Apply mustard oil on the bridge of the nose to relieve congestion in the nose.
3. Lemon juice in hot water with honey is a good antidote for a ancipient cold.
4. Keep a cut onion in your bedroom, and you are not likely to catch a cold at night.
5. Raw onions eaten twice a day will help to clear stuffed nostrils.
6. To check an imminent sneeze, press a finger on the middle of the upper lip. The sneeze will subside.
7. Consume daily a paste made of honey, ghee, turmeric powder and salt till the cold has gone.
8. Take a few leaves of basil with honey.
9. Take the mixture made of gooseberry powder, ginger powder and water twice daily.
10. To treat a recurring cold, chew four black peppercorns on an empty stomach in the mornings.
11. For a child with severe cold, mix a pinch of common salt with a teaspoon of lukewarm mustard oil, and apply on his chest morning and night.
12. Inhaling the fumes from a turmeric stick heated over the fire is an excellent remedy for cold.
13. For acute cold, boil a pinch of turmeric and a teaspoon of pepper powder in milk. have at bed time for three days.
14. Make an infusion with ginger and water. sweeten with sugar  and drink it hot.
15. Make an infusion with cuminseeds and ginger powder in water. drink twice a day.
16. Boil a flake of garlic, a small piece of ginger, five peppercorns (crushed) and ten basin leaves in a cup of water for two minutes. strain, add a teaspoon of honey and have it every morning.
17. extract the juice from four basil levels and a betel leaf.mix it with honey and take it daily till the cold disappeares.
18. Grate a piece of ginger.put the gratings in the glass.squeeze  half a lemon into it and top it up with hot water and a little honey. stir well and drink the contents.
19. Prepare an infusion with ginger paste, cloves and cinnamon. add honey and drink it. make a paste of nutmeg, poppy seeds and  milk, and apply on the forehead and nose for quick relief from a running nose.
20. Boil tamarind water with a little salt and half a teaspoon of ghee.
drink this to clear nasal blockage.